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"So what sets this dictionary apart?" Unlike other romaji dictionaries, with this Romaji Dictionary I'm making a big effort to pull the veil off the various Romanization systems. This is (perhaps) the only romanized-Japanese-English resource which actually tells you under which romanization system the word you typed was romanized. Accordingly, there's support for a *lot* more words. A lot of romaji projects, for example, fail to have an entry for "Tokyo" because, despite its common usage, this is an irregular romanization. It's covered here as "Wapuro-Romaji (long o shortened)". Furthermore, entries contain links to their alternate romanizations, so the project effectively doubles as an "inter-romanization converter".

The Romaji Dictionary uses the EDict open-source dictionary, which is gracefully provided by professor Jim Breen. The words and definitions are copyright EDRG (Electronic Dictionary Research Group). The modifications made at Xamuel.com, specifically the romanization of the EDict's non-Roman text, are released under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike Licence (V3.0). I'd also like to thank the many many linguists, legislators, translators, missionaries, soldiers, etc., who developed the various methods of romanizing Japanese text. This project is built on the shoulders of giants!